Dr. Rohit Arora

Chicago, Illinois

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Due to his position within the medical community of Chicago, Dr. Rohit Arora has been featured in numerous online publications and journals. To learn more about Dr. Arora and how to maintain a healthy heart, click the links below!

Dr. Rohit Arora – Medium

Dr. Rohit Arora currently works in North Chicago, Illinois at the Federal Health Care Center. He has been a co-editor for medical textbooks, including Clinical Autonomic Dysfunction and the Springer Publication.

Dr. Rohit Arora | Inspirery

Dr. Rohit Arora has never deviated from his sole focus of helping people to alleviate pain and suffering. As a board-certified internist and a board-certified cardiologist, he has plenty of opportunities to fulfill his passion for helping heal people. Growing up, Dr. Rohit Arora saw a lot of pain and suffering.

Rohit Arora – Chief of Cardiology at Captain James A. Lovell Federal Health Care Center

Dr. Rohit Arora is currently at Captain James A. Lovell Federal Health Care Center. He is the Chief of Cardiology and Head of the Department of Medicine. Dr. Arora has had a career as an academic professor and has trained many doctors over the past three decades.

Dr. Rohit Arora Analyzes Some of the Most Common Types of Heart Conditions | Prague Post

Heart disease is currently responsible for killing more than 610,000 people every year in the United States. Meaning, it is one of the most potent conditions that the population faces. Nevertheless, the vast majority of people fail to comprehend the various types of heart problems that exist.

Dr. Rohit Arora’s Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Heart

When it comes to the most worrisome health concerns here in Pittsburgh, heart-based conditions have slowly become dominant. In fact, the Pittsburgh chapter of the American Heart Association recently announced that heart diseases are affecting more people under 40. Given the tight-knit community that we are proud of, how can Pittsburgh residents overcome this issue?

Dr. Rohit Arora

Dr. Rohit Arora is the Chief of Cardiology and the Head of the Department of Medicine at the Captain James A. Lovell Health Care Center in Chicago. During his time as a cardiologist in Chicago, Dr. Arora has trained dozens of doctors and authored over 400 academic papers.